Better Breathing

Why keep wearing nasal strips to breathe and sleep better when one in-office, 15-minute procedure can provide a permanent solution? Atlantic ENT Associates is now offering Vivaer Nasal Reshaping Technology. This non-invasive, in-office procedure is changing the lives of patients who suffer from ongoing nasal blockage and congestion.

Like thousands of others, you might depend on nasal strips to help you sleep better. But strips don’t stick well to oily skin, they can be painful to remove, they can irritate your skin, and you can’t wear one 24/7. VIVAER Nasal Airway Remodeling may offer a permanent solution.

How it works

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Think you have nasal obstruction?

Try Cottle’s Maneuver, a do-it-yourself diagnostic procedure for assessing nasal obstruction/congestion.

Place one or two fingertips on your cheeks on either side of your nose.

Gently press and pull outward. This temporarily opens the nasal valve.

If doing this helps you inhale more easily through your nose, your nasal obstruction may be in your nasal valve, and you may be a candidate for VIVAER Nasal Airway Remodeling.

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